The Proposal has happened!

You’ve set the date..

Excitement is setting in!......Now what? 

How far in advance should you schedule your beauty trials?

  • We suggest, right after you have chosen your dress.  The style of dress, in our experience tends to set the tone for how you'd like to look.  On average we are secured 6-8 months prior to wedding date.  However, a deposit can hold the date and a trial can be done anytime before the wedding..  

Is a trial necessary?

  • We highly suggest, that when time permits, every bride should.  The trial is not only where you try out different styles and looks but where you work out all the kinks (lashes or no lashes, liner on the inside of the eye or just on the top,  hair parted in the middle or going all back, etc).  

What happens during a  trial?

  • We first discuss inspiration and your personal style. This collaborative process is to create a look thats not only beautiful but incorporates your personal preferences. In addition it provides time to get acquainted with your artist and/or stylist.

What happens after the trial?

  • A contract is sent. You confirm the number of people and any extra dates if there are multiple (engagement, bridal shower, etc). You then return signed contract with deposit.  DATE IS NOT SECURED UNTIL DEPOSIT IS RECEIVED.

Do you travel for destination weddings?

  • Absolutely! 

What brands of makeup and hair products do you use? 

  • A little bit of everything.  Each stylist and artist have their own faves that they prefer working with and almost all of them work with a vast variety of different brands . Please inform us in advance of any allergies,

Will I be able to add extra people or more services once I have signed contract and sent deposit?

  • Of course you can, but there is always the possibility that the service or additional artists or stylists will be booked so it is best to let us know as far in advance as possible.

What if we decide that we want our stylist/artist to stay for the full day even though we have contracted for the "a la carte" option?

  • Not a problem as long as artist/stylist is available to do so.  Again, time is of the essence, the further in advance we know of any changes the better we can be at accommodating.  .

What if I just want to book hair and not makeup or vice versa, is that an option?

  • Of course it is, none of our services are contingent upon the other.  

Do you provide makeup and hair styling for other services besides Weddings?

  • You Betcha!